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Collecting Artworks in every country!

Throughout our travels it has always been a passion of mine to find artists and their beautiful works in the hopes to take part of their talent home with me! <3

There is something about creating artwork with your own bare hands and mental vision of what is beautiful to oneself that is so inspiring. It is most definitely something that computers, robots or any other person just cannot replicate, and that is what I’m most passionate about.

It was funny that I didn’t actually go “looking” for art. The pieces just spoke to me over this trip. One time in particular, we happened to come across one of the most incredible pieces I have ever seen. This piece was created by: Carlos Hernández Ruiz.

This is the painting we purchased with the incredible artist himself. He has painted the beautiful cobblestones, laneway and lighthouse. ❤️ #art #grateful #uruguay
Every country we go to, we happen to always come across incredible artwork and take a piece home with us! It just so happened that Carlos Hernández Ruiz was exhibiting and selling his work. He is FANTASTIC! I haven’t seen artwork like his ever!!! Fun fact
One of his artworks illustrates the “reconciliation of Spain and Portugal” and IS DISPLAYED IN THE VATICAN BLOWS.
#enoiantravels #art #artwork #oilpainting #talent #vatican #love
Keeping up with tradition and finding beautiful art in every country we visit! This so happens to resonate with the way I felt about La Boca and it’s colourful environment ❤️ @fabianroldan63 #art #buenosaires

My attempts at becoming part of the artworks were really bad…….. and my paintball scar will not go away!
Comuna 13 Street Art ❤️

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