If you do a tour in Vietnam, DO IT WITH ONETRIP!

We LOVE everything about Onetrip and Christina’s SO MUCH that we booked ALL of the tours available in Saigon! If you haven’t already done so, do it!!!

We absolutely loved travelling with Onetrip because they are real locals, authentic and have real energy!

✅ Student City Tour
Kris and Bao happily greeted us in the morning to explore our first day in Saigon! We felt incredibly safe on the back of their bikes riding through to the:

– Independence Palace, Cathedral, Post Office, tasted the delicious Oldest cafe in Saigon “Cheo Leo Cafe”, Old apartments, Ate Bun Thit Nuong (Broken Rice)

They are very knowledgeable of the history of Vietnam and were always happy to answer any questions. Bao has great photography skills which captured some of our momnents!

✅ Evening Food Tour
In the evening, we experienced THE MOST AMAZING FOOD TOUR EVER with Loan and Ed “Sheeran”!

Our guides and new friends Loan and Ed know soo much about food~ what and where to eat and all of the best locations throughout the different Districts!
– We started off with my absolute favourite street food Bò lá lốt ! We were taught how to wrap and dip~ we also had a “rolling” competition “Who could create their Bo La Lot the fastest!”
– We also tried some local delicacies that I would never choose to eat on my own~ such as balut (duck egg)
– We made Bánh xèo! So delicious!
– Corn and Shrimp stir fry Bap Xao Tom Kho
– Vietnamese Pizza (Banh Tranh Nuong)
– Grilled Bananas (Chuoi Nuong)

Ed and Loan really catered to us as I thought I was getting itchy/allergic to a certain food *but I wasn’t Thank God*. They went above and beyond to take me to the pharmacy and to the toilet whenever I needed to! Thank you so much for being so kind!!!

After the trip, Loan has been keeping us updated with the best local street food places! I have since followed all of her recommendations and have been filled with a happy belly! 🙂

The Evening Food tour was the best!

✅ Cu Chi Adventure
We ventured toward the Cu Chi Tunnels with our new friends Ky and Dave! They are so passionate and this really shows as they love to share their knowledge and are happy to answer any questions! From the beginning we knew we were in good hands! It takes a lot for us to trust someone to drive us around, especially on the back of a bike! I felt that Ky and Dave was such a safe driver!

We experienced the:
– Rice noodle factory
– Rubber plantation
– Cu Chi tunnels course!

I learned a lot about the history of The Vietnam War, the importance of the Tunnels for the North and the weapons they used to defend themselves! We got down and dirty in the tunnels! (Don’t wear white clothes) haha

When our bums needed a break, we had some drinks, ice cream and lay down in a hammock to re-energise!The home style Vietnamese lunch was incredible. I even got to taste a cricket for the first time! I must say it was delicious.

I loved that Ky had everything in his bag for us: from sunscreen, insect repellent, wipes and hand sanitizer! They are so prepared and so efficient!

We were able to do a lot of things within our own time and take in the beautiful scenery! Definitely a must do experience!

✅ The Mekong Delta (2 Days)
Our new friends Dave and Vin brought such vibrance!
The energy these guys share was hilarious! It was like talking to friends that continuously made us laugh!

Our 2 Day tour at the Mekong Delta via mini van was so much fun!!!
We ventured through to the Mekong Delta, first stopping for food ofcourse! Then to a Coconut rice paper roll factory, where we learned how to make them and visited a Brick Factory. We then visited the Coconut Queen for amazing amazing coconut in all different forms! Had some banana wine and went on an adventure to eat some Elephant Ear Fish! (WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND BUYING SOME COCONUT CANDY FROM THE COCONUT QUEEN. It is delicious!)

During the night time, Dave and Vin went out of their way to join us as friends and experience Can Tho night market! They took us to experience the best tasting Bo La Lot!!! This was incredible and so delicious~ Everything was awesome!

I’m glad we took the van because the Cu Chi Tunnels motorbike tour was tough on the bum! haha (we could not do back to back motorbike days)

Day 2:
Floating market early in the morning is most definitely worth it! We were able to experience how they locals bought their food, ate breakfast on a boat and had some coffee. It was so interesting to see. We then went to the local Can Tho floating market where we had some incredible rice dessert. DELICIOUS!

The sun was scorching that day so Dave and Vin provided us with the local Vietnamese hats!

All day, they made us laugh and taught us Vietnamese phrases that we could use along the trip. Their humour is one of a kind! NGON VIE!

One of the great things of travelling with OneTrip is getting to know the different personalities. Everyone has different strengths and this shows so positively within the teams they form together.

I know it’s an overstatement, but it really was one the best tour we’ve ever done!
The adventure is as good as the people that you spend it with. ❤ We love the people we spent our tours with. Thank you so much for making our trip to Vietnam worth every moment.
– Eleanor & Ian

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