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Eating our way through Vietnam ‘Vietnoms’

We practically ate our way through Saigon~!!!


🇻🇳😱🥚🐔 🥞 🍌 OH MY GOSH! So… we did the ultimate street food tour in Saigon “SAIGON EVENING FOOD TOUR” with Onetrip!!!! It was INCREDIBLE! We ate at local areas we probably could never have found ourselves.

Our guides and new friends Loan and Ed know soo much about food~ what and where to eat and all of the best locations throughout the different Districts! (PART I) – We started off with my absolute favourite street food Bò lá lốt ! We were taught how to wrap and dip~ we also had a “rolling” competition “Who could create their Bo La Lot the fastest!” – We also tried some local delicacies that I would never choose to eat on my own~ such as balut (duck egg embryo) (PART II) – We made Bánh xèo! So delicious! – Corn and Shrimp stir fry Bap Xao Tom Kho – Vietnamese Pizza (Banh Tranh Nuong) – Grilled Bananas (Chuoi Nuong)

Ed and Loan really catered to us as I thought I was getting itchy/allergic to a certain food *but I wasn’t Thank God*. They went above and beyond to take me to the pharmacy and to the toilet whenever I needed to! Thank you so much for being so kind!!!

After the trip, Loan has been keeping us updated with the best local street food places! I have since followed all of her recommendations and have been filled with a happy belly! Thank you Loan and Ed for such a wonderful experience! We highly recommend this to all our friends and family! xo #enoian

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